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Parents did you know?

Parents did you know?

·  Hundreds of research studies have been done over the past 30 years that show when parents get involved, children do better in school!

·  When Parents get involved in their children’s education, their children are more likely to:

§  Earn better grades

§  Score higher on tests

§  Pass their classes

§  Attend school regularly

§  Have better social skills

§  Show improved behavior

§  Be more positive in their attitude towards school

§  Complete homework assignments

§  Graduate and continue their education

·  One study showed that students from families with above-average involvement at school were 30 percent more successful in school than those kids whose families had below-average involvement.  In this study, success was measured by GPA; test scores in math, science, reading, and social studies; promotion and retention rates; and teacher ratings.

·  DADS Matter!  In both two-parent and father-only households where dads are highly involved in their schools, 

o  Children are more likely to:

§  Succeed academically

§  Participate in extracurricular activities

§  Enjoy school

o  They are less likely to:

§  Have to repeat a grade

§  Be suspended or expelled

Don’t We All Want Our Kids To Do Better In School?  


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